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Article date 17 October 2011
Latest revision 11 February 2016

RailAble : who are we ?

RailAble started life considering railway lines in the vicinity of St Albans, arising from the proposal to introduce light rail vehicles on the branch railway line from Watford to St Albans. As a result of this proposal, we began investigating the potential for the branch line to form part of a better-integrated railway network. We quickly found ourselves investigating railway lines and potential rail routes well beyond the vicinity of St Albans. Concentrating on orbital routes around London, we put forward a proposal for a London Rail Orbital as a prompt response to the consultation into the light rail proposal for the Watford to St Albans branch railway line.

A notable event since the proposal for light rail on that branch line has been the bringing forward of proposals for a High Speed 2 railway line.

The result, today, is documented on our websites.

With an emphasis on the London area, RailAble researches an improved rail network. We believe in travel by train. Rail is socially inclusive and better for the environment. Demand for rail travel is growing and the rail network is expanding. Welcome therefore to RailAble. Suggested pronunciation : Rail and Able.

Geoff runs RailAble. Geoff has worked in the IT industry for many years.

Research in relation to the St Albans area is published on a separate website St Albans Rail .

A list of the projects and articles on this website is available here : List of articles.


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