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Project : London Orbital Services

Article date 05 April 2010
Revised 27 March 2013

Reading to Ebbsfleet International

Whilst we appreciate the facilities offered by the High Speed 1 railway line, it could be said that a weakness is to be found in the lack of integration at Ebbsfleet International with the conventional rail network. Given that St Pancras International offers a good but not perfect range of rail and Underground connections, improved connections to services on the High Speed 1 (HS1) line might have been offered by greater interconnection with the conventional rail network at Ebbsfleet International, however this opportunity was missed.

We have therefore envisaged a sevice from Reading to Ebbsfleet International.

This article has been re-written to dovetail in with our proposal for Aylesbury Interchange (AI) on the High Speed 2 (HS2) line. With the station intended to offer international services i.e. as an extension to the existing HS1 line, then a service from Reading would only need to run to AI. If not, we propose that a service from Reading would run to AI, then onto the full-capacity link between HS2 and HS1 potentially running to Ebbsfleet International or to St Pancras International if appropriate, this being dependent on the linking method selected for linking HS2 to HS1. This would enable improved conventional rail integration with international services.

For a service that terminates at Ebbsfleet International, passengers alight at platform 6, the train proceeds to the Church Path turnback sidings, passengers boarding at platform 5 for the return journey to Reading.


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