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Project : Domestic and international high speed rail

Article date 27 July 2011
Revised 30 September 2016

Introduction to an HS2 HS1 link via east west rail

It is natural to consider an HS2 to HS1 link via St Pancras International.

The following plan illustrates HS2 to Euston and HS2 to St Pancras International for HS1. A change of direction is necessary at St Pancras International. No existing lines are shown except HS1 and the Midland Main Line. Euston is to be expanded as part of proposals by High Speed Two Ltd and we have included a link to connect the Midland Main Line to Euston. Long-distance services on the Midland Main Line might be re-routed to terminate at Euston instead of at St Pancras (Thameslink unaffected).

High Speed 2 to Euston and to St Pancras International

The remainder of this article may be of historical interest only.

AI does not require any specific alignment for a HS2 to HS1 connection. However, the remainder if this article serves as an introduction to a possible HS2 to HS1 connection on an east west alignment.

The articles below divide a possible HS2 HS1 link on an east west alignment into two sections.

The first section is to the west of the West Coast Main Line (WCML). Further details concerning this, first, section are in the following article (article opens in new tab or window) : HS2 HS1 link via east west rail : section west of West Coast Main Line.

The second section potentially runs to the north of Watford and to the south of St Albans and is described in the following articles (articles open in new tabs or windows) : Watford and St Albans to Welwyn and Hertford (notes 1 and 2) and Options for railway lines in the St Albans area (again, notes 1 and 2).


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